VPN Setup Guide

NSCC VPN Software Setup

The NSCC VPN allows access to internal Nashville State resources from an off-campus location that has an internet connection available.  This is accomplished by use of the SonicWall NetExtender software, which establishes a secure connection between the PC/laptop and the Nashville State network.  Laptops supplied by the college will come with SonicWall NetExtender already installed.  VPN access is only enabled after a Remote Network Access form has been submitted and approved.  

2FA (Two Factor Authentication) must be setup before NetExtender can be downloaded. Click here for 2FA setup instructions.

  1. Navigate to https://vpn.nscc.edu
  2.  Verify that “administration” is selected from the Domain drop down
  3. Click “Next”
Administration domain
  1. Enter your username and password
    Note: The UserID is your legacy computer login (typically lastname_firstInitial i.e. doe_j). You can find your legacy computer login on your myNSCC dashboard under “Employee Computer Login”.
  2. Click “Login”
VPN Login
  1. Enter the code from your authenticator app
  2. Click “Verify”
VPN 2 Factor Prompt
  1. Click your initials in the upper right corner
  2. Click “Downloads” from the list
VPN Menu
  1.  Choose the appropriate download from the list
  2. Follow the standard installation procedures for your operating system to complete the software install