First time Thunderbird users can skip to step 7.

1. Open Thunderbird

2. Click the hamburger menu icon in the right hand corner

3. Choose “Options”

Main Menu

4. Choose “Account Settings”

Account Settings

5. Click “Account Actions”

6. Click “Add Mail Account”

7. Enter your name

8. Enter your NSCC email address

9. Enter your passowrd

10. Click “Continue”

New Account

11. Click “Manual config” at the botton left of the dialog

NOTE: Follow these steps if your are asked for “Username: DOMAIN\username”

Your username will begin with administration\

Your username is typically lastname_firstInitial

Login to to view your Employee Computer Login

Adjust the Incoming and Outgoing username to match


12. Change the incoming IMAP to “”

13. Change the outgoing SMTP to “”

14. Click “Done”

Server configuration

15. Close any dialog boxes that may be open

16. Compose and send test email to any address you choose

17. The test message will fail on the first attempt

18. Click “OK”

19. A security exception will appear on your screen

20. Click “Confirm Security Exception”

21. Go back to your open test message and click “Send”

22. Your message should now be successful

Contact the Help Desk if you require any assistance.

Security exception