iOS App

Pharos iOS App

Your device must be connected to NSCCWIRELESS to print.

You may use the laptop printing instructions or the app mentioned below.

Download the iPhone Pharos Print app

Download the iPad Pharos Print app

Note: Only apps that support certain sharing types can send prints to the Pharos Print app.

1. Open the Pharos Print app.  Set the server to & port to 443

Tap Connect.

iOS Pharos app connection settings

2. Enter your “A” number and password. Tap Log On

Pharos iOS login

3. Navigate to the app that has the file you would like to print

4. Tap the share button.  Tap the first More button


iOS Share

5. Enable Share with Pharos Print from the list. Tap Done

Note: Not all apps support Share with Pharos Print.

Enable Pharos

6. Tap the newly enabled Share with Pharos Print button

Pharos sharing

7. Tap Print to send your print to Pharos

Confirm Print

8. Open the Pharos Print app

9. Select My Prints then tap your document to adjust print options

iOS print options and queue

10. You will need to use a print release station, located near or on the printer(s), to release your print job(s)