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Pharos Android App

Your device must be connected to NSCC WiFi to print.

You may use the laptop printing instructions or the app mentioned below.

Download the Pharos Print app

1. Open Pharos Print app

2. Configure server address to & server port to 443, click Connect

Pharos Android connection

2. Enter your “A” number and password. Tap Log On

Pharos Android login

4. A) Use the upload button to send your file(s) to the print server

    B) Select the file(s) that you would like to print

    C) Select the Print Options tab to choose your desired settings

    D) Select the printer nearest to you that you would like to use

Tip: Use the room number to search for a printer

    E) Click Print when you are ready to submit your order

Android Pharos interface

5. Confirm the print charges and proceed to the selected printer to retrieve your print(s)