New Employee

First Steps for New Employees

The password you set via myNSCC will not sync to other systems unless your account is active before the reset.  Your supervisor should be notified via email when your account is activated.

1. Navigate to myNSCC.

2. Click “Password Not Working? (Create new, Change, or Forgotten)

3. Follow the prompts to proceed with the password reset.

4. Return to myNSCC.

5. Login with your “A” number and newly created password.

6. Your computer, email, and Wi-Fi username is your employee email address.  If your email address does not work as the username, try the “Employee Computer Login” as your username.


Contact the Help Desk if any assistance is needed.

Note: The Employee Computer Login is the legacy username used to login to campus computers and email.


When login into: Campus Computers, WiFi and Employee Email | Use the following format:

  • Username:
  • Password: Your password

When login into:, and Banner ( Application Navigator  )

  • Username: A# (Make suer to include the A)
  • Password: you password


Your computer and email accounts are not fully active until several pieces of criteria are met.  All of the following items must be complete before your account will be moved to an enabled/active state by department administration.


  • Employee record is completed by Human Resources

  • Payroll record is completed by Payroll

  • Employment contracts are signed/acknowledged and entered in Banner

  • Courses are assigned in Banner (Faculty only)

  • Technical & Financial Services Authorization (TFSA) form is submitted to Technology Services by your supervisor

Verify that you changed your password using the "Password Not Working? (Create new, Change, or Forgotten)" link on  

Verify that your password does not contain any personal information such as, name, birthdate, etc.

Make sure the password you set contains at least 8 characters, numbers, upper and lowercase letters, and a special character.


Contact the Help Desk if you are still unable to log in.

Campus systems have been updated to use your employee email address as the username to campus PCs.


Legacy username instructions:

To change the domain on PCs that say "Sign in to: INSTRUCTION", you will need to prefix your username with "administration\".

(Ex: administration\lastname_firstinitial)