iOS App

iOS App

Outlook for iOS

Download the Outlook app from the Apple App Store.

1. Open the Outlook app

2. Tap on the menu icon

Note: Skip to step 6 if this is your first time using Outlook

3. Tap the settings gear icon

4. Tap “Add Account”

5. Tap “Add Email Account”

6. Enter your NSCC email address

Click here if you don’t know your employee email address.

7. Tap “Add Account”

8. Enter your password

Click here if you need to reset your password.

9. Tap “Sign In”

Note: If sign in fails, check your password and email address.  You may need to use the legacy method below to sign in.

10. Tap “Maybe Later” to complete your setup.  Follow any additional prompts.

Legacy Login

1. Tap “Use Advanced Settings”

2. Enter your email address and password

3. Verify that server is set to

4. Type administration in the domain field

5. Enter your campus computer login as the username

6. Tap “Sign In”