D2L – Disable Pager and Alerts

Disable Pager and Alerts

Some students may report that they are unable to access their email system in D2L. With the following error message: ” You must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled ” Following the error message there will be a item displayed that must be completed. see the example image below

To correct this issue the ( Disable Pager and Alerts) option must be disabled.

Lets use the example above.

We have a student with the “you must complete the following quizzes for alerts to be enabled:” warning for Module 1 Homework.


  1. To fix this we will go to the Item that is causing the error and edit its properties. 
  2. Click the arrow next to the item and click on edit. 

Under the properties tab

  • Scroll down 
  • Look for the section called: Optional Advanced Properties 

Now that we are under the Optional Advanced Properties section. 

  • Remove the tick box next to : Disable pager and alerts.
  • Now click on Save & Close at the bottom.